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Water sports are usually the est option during summer and mostly throughout the year. However, they are extremely dangerous and can easily take one's life. This device will be your life saver. With a single pull of the lever, the gas bag will pop out of the container and inflate within seconds to bring you to the surface within seconds. With built-in compass, one can easily figure out safety direction. Moreover, we include a little whistle within the package so that one victim is able to get attention from surrounding environment so your rescue can come to you at anytime. Unlike other life saving vest, this wristband is created with stylish and fashionable look so that one does not feel weird and ugly in the public. Can be used as replacement for Onyx Life Jacket . This fits your .

  • by entering your model number.
  • Strong inflatable air bag. Pops up instant with a simple triggering of the lever. Take you to the surface within seconds.
  • A "must have" accessory for all kinds of water sport ranging from swimming, scuba diving to kayaking and snorkeling. Can be used anywhere and at anytime.
  • With built-in compass and whistle to get attention from rescuers. Can be used as replacement for onyx Life Jacket.
  • Feathered weight and stylishly fashionable look. Give you a look of FBI agents or Navy Seals.

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